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Kalte Füsse Schlecht, Warme Socken Gut! Crowdfunding Kampagne

r Zur Kampagne! Wer liebt es nicht, warme Füsse im kalten Wetter zu haben und wundervoll farbige Wollsocken anzuschauen? Oder in Schuhe zu tragen, wo sie ganz frech und butn oben rausgucken? Für alle Menschen, die Füsse haben und sie warm lieben bieten ich Euch handgemachte Socken, die ich bisher nur für Familie und Freunde … Continue reading

Cold Feet Bad, Warm Socks Good! Handmade Socks from Berlin

  Handmade Socks from Germany Back to campaign! Warm Welcome to Cold Feet Bad, Warm Socks Good! Who doesnt love to have warm feet in cold weather and look at colourful wool socks? Or wear them in shoes and let those cheeky colours peek out over the top? For all people who have feet and … Continue reading

ETIB zieht um, helft uns dabei!

Es sind 6 wundervolle Jahre mit Hochs und Tiefs gewesen und jetzt ist die Zei tzum Weiterziehen gekommen. Nicht ganz unsere Entscheidung aber es scheint der richtige Zeitpunkt gekommen für Veränderung und um unsere Mission zur Verbreitung von Maschinenstricken zu intensivieren. Im März erhielten wir die Kündigung vom neuen Eigentümer des Gebäudes. Nach anfänglichem Schock … Continue reading

Mad Textile Skills Lab December 2016 @FabLabBLN

Introduction to the machines and making small samples Weaving 3D Printing Lasercutting Knitting Our participants making things And check out our new workshops: MTSLab      

Library Luisenbad Workshop 19.11.2016

On sat we gave our Mini workshops in the Library am Luisenbad (it used to be a 19th century spa for all people) that is just around the corner from our studio. Rute and I setup directly in the library between the books and knitted our own signs to guide people to us: We were … Continue reading

Teaser Mad Textile Skills Lab 07./08.12.2016 @FablabBerlin

Just a small teaser for the workshop where you can learn to weave on an arduino controlloed loom, knitting on a hacked knitting machine and 3 d print & lasercut accessories. More info We still have tickets! Mad Textile Skills Lab Yes, we like our cats on everything! 😀

Christmas Workshops @ FabLab Berlin

New workshops for the cold season at FabLab: Book one hour to knit a hat, scarf or bag or just to get some expert advice on your own project. Find out how to quickly realise your knitwear ideas! Knit yo´self Workshop If you are interested in learning the basics or looking for an intense workshop … Continue reading

ETIB on Bilge Tank059/ @Pimoroni & @MakerFaireBER 2016 #mfb16

Pimoroni talking about the Makerfaire Berlin (Part I) ETIBerlin´s Knitmural being shown at about 14min and ETIBerlin also mentioned at about 22min. YAY!  

ETIB on Bilge Tank004/ @Pimoroni & @MakerFaireBER #mfb15

Check out Pimoronis tour of the makerfaire 2015 & Berlin and ETIBerlin at 21 min.

Lange Nacht der Museen: ETIB @ Museum für Naturkunde

Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night of the Museums) took place on the 17th of August 2016 and we were invited to host our mini workshops with the hacked knitting machines at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (Natural History Museum). It was so much fun being up late in the museum and I was suprised … Continue reading