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Support fbz´s kickstarter: Custom Mathematically Knitted Scarves!

As some of you will remember, fbz/Fabienne Serriére was a longtime artist in residence at etib and is known as a programmer and passionate knitter.

She was an integral part in getting etib to where it is now and we want to support her with her new campaign: KnitYak!

KnitYak fbz campaign

fbz is campaigning to buy a computer knitting machine to bring back local production to Seattle where she has settled and offer custom made mathematical scharves and wraps.

She is offering fabulous wool knits in black and white similiar to the ones you can see below.

But don´t take my word for it, look for yourself!

khc0404-3 fbz at ETIB giving a talk on algorithms and knitting

fbz5  the famous seashell pattern  fbz4fbz

fbz1exh2seuss knit3

Some of her swatches made with the brother knitting machine and of course the bike cozies!

seuss knitseuss knit2


One thought on “Support fbz´s kickstarter: Custom Mathematically Knitted Scarves!

  1. beautiful

    Posted by susan | 2. July 2015, 16:45

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