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Expert Summit Invitation 30.01.2015

Invitation to the ETIB Expert Summit 2015 January Meetup & Tour of Etib Whether you already are expert in your field or just curious you are invited to come over talk, drink tea (20 different kinds in store!) and look at our machines. If you are visiting the Transmediale, Etib is loaning out a few … Continue reading

Welcome Clemént Quinson aka electrolab

Clemént was part of makercamp workshop hosts where we met him and taught soldering and other nifty things. On the 12th august he came to visit  etib and drool over the knitting machines. He is part of Electrolab is a hackerspace in Nanterre, near Paris. It started about 4 years ago, from scratch, in a … Continue reading

K/H/C 14 Exhibition: Jeff Donaldson/Glitchaus #khc14

Software Algorhythms by fbz @ K/H/C 14: Fotos Video #khc14

   AND the VIDEO!

K/H/C 14 Exhibition: Rita Zepf #khc14

Rita Zepf´s embroidery & painting art

Hack Project: Prof Goutrié & Students @ ETIB 08.05.2014

Professor Christina Goutrié from Art School of Weißensee Berlin teaches a foundation course in digtial media and came to visit ETIB with her students and brought their Brother KH 900 with them on the 08th of May.  15 Students, 2 teachers, 1 product designer, So Kanno, me and all the knitting machines: Full House! The … Continue reading

K/H/C 14 Exhibition: Botanica Mathematica #khc14

Botanica Mathematica Exhibits: Fibonacci Stumps & Binary Bonsais

K/H/C 14 Ehbition: Daina Taimina #khc14

Daina Taiminas Works exhibited at Knit/Hack/Craft 31.03.-05.04.2014 Hyperbolic Planes  

Klebeland– Sponsor @ Knit/Hack/Craft

  The best assorted Tape Shop in Berlin (maybe even in the world!) is sponsoring us at Knit/Hack/Craft with Gaffa Tape! YAY! We´ll be using it in our Throwie workshop with Semi from Grafitti Reseach Lab. Seriously though they have a huge choice of tape which includes glow in the dark and holographic tape! Below you can see … Continue reading

Space available @ ETIBerlin

Space available at ETIB! You are in Berlin or coming to Berlin and need a space to work from? Whether you are looking for a place to occasionally work from, a permanent desk or free space for projects, we are a workspace with a creative and personal atmosphere. You have seen the exciting things we do here at ETIB … Continue reading